5 Reasons Why You Should Run A Marathon Atleast Once

5 Reasons Why You Should Run A Marathon Atleast Once

How many people do you know can say they have run a marathon at least once? For many runners, it is a major goal to check off their bucket list. One of the most common reasons why people run a marathon is the chance to combine travel with experience. With many city marathons in areas like Paris, New York, Sydney, Berlin, and London, you will be faced with countless opportunities to enjoy new sceneries while you run.

If that is not enough of a good reason, here are 5 reasons why you should run a marathon at least once.

Help raise money for charity

Running for a cause is always a great reason to run. While a marathon that is over 20 miles long sounds like a major achievement, running for charity will double your feeling of success and motivate you to complete the finish line.

Improve your fitness

Training for a marathon will boost your overall health and fitness. It is a great way to improve your cardiovascular strength and bone density. You can also use marathons as the first step to training for a triathlon with a combined number of activities such as swimming, cycling, and even yoga to help build flexibility.

Meet new people

Training for a marathon will make a great opportunity to meet like-minded people. You can join a running club or find a partner that will help you both stay motivated in training.

Enhance success in your life


Studies show that regular running will also help contribute to the success in your life. From the planning to hard work and commitment, you can improve character and gain additional physical and mental benefits.

Try Something New

Experiencing a marathon firsthand is like no other. The moment you step onto the grounds after months of hard work, pain and grueling time for motivation will make it even more worth it. A marathon can be a rollercoaster of emotions and will leave you with a feeling of success once you cross the finish line.

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