Trekking & Bow Hunting Adventures in Canada

alberta canada forest and river

Canada. One of the most incredible places to explore. From flatlands to great lakes, to the Canadian Shield; there are countless places to visit and discover. In fact, it is possible to discover the most incredible adventures by simply stepping away from the usual, and taking the road less traveled – heading off the beaten path as it were. Which is why trekking and bow hunting in Canada is one of the most amazing experiences. Not only is it a chance to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it is also an incredible way to see everything Canada has hidden away.

So how are some Canadians “adventuring”? To start, many have taken up bow hunting as not only a way to bring more food to the table, but also to seek out greater adventures and encourage a healthier lifestyle. So where are some fantastic bow hunting locations?

1. Alberta. One of the most amazingly rich provinces in landscape, hunting, and tourist destinations. In fact, when it comes to hunting Alberta is astonishingly wealthy. From Whitetails to Mule Deer, Black Bears, Moose, Big Horn Sheep and more; there is a veritable cornucopia of fish and wildlife to capture. Since this is one of the more opulent provinces in the bow hunting department, it is also one of the more traveled to provinces. But this shouldn’t be a deterrent for those looking to have an adventure, on the contrary, it is a true testament to how wonderful journeying in Alberta can be. See for yourself how breath-taking Alberta is:

2. Manitoba. Since this province is rich in areas for which wildlife can thrive, there are a million opportunities and locations to visit. Most of which will be entirely unoccupied, so there is never a risk of running into someone else’s hunting “space”. Some popular wildlife to bow hunt in the province is whitetails, black bears, deer, gray wolves, and coyotes. It should be noted that if one is planning a bowhunting trip to this province, it is crucial to maintain the proper license and be away from the land on which they are hunting, as many of the acres left open are, in fact, protected land.

3. New Brunswick. Bowhunters in or traveling to this province will find a great abundance of whitetails, bears, and moose. There will also be some chance at some buck hunting, as this province boasts bucks that mature into a beast of over 200 pounds. If one is specifically looking to bag a buck, then it’s best to hunt in the southern half of the province.

Now that the best places have been covered, what about the bow and arrow? Where did it come from? And why do hunters still use it today? Some say it’s because they can have more control over the weapon, it’s quieter, can be deadlier and more accurate. Then again, there is the group that claims it is far more fun to go hunting with a bow, rather than with a rifle! Whatever the case, the question still remains when was the bow and arrow first used? The answer to this question lies in prehistoric times, dating back thousands of years. Some of the first bows and arrows were made of animal bone, and have been found at Sibudu Cave in South Africa. This particular version was crafted to serve as a military weapon. And it continued to be used as such through till the Middle Ages in the Mediterranean world, Europe, China, Japan, and on the Eurasian steppes. The bow and arrow may have come a long way since then, but it is still an integral part of a hunter’s experience today. Especially since many bow hunters also go on a trekking adventure and tie the two trips together.

Trekking, unlike hiking, takes place over several days and is often accompanied by bow hunting in some form. And any of the provinces that allow bow hunting are incredible places to trek. By incorporating a trek into a bow hunting excursion, a hunter is not only able to experience all that nature has to offer, but they are also exposed to incredible Canadian countryside, wilderness, and wildlife. It becomes an all-inclusive experience that not even money can buy. There is something about watching the sunrise come up over the Canadian shield, or seeing the stars glisten as eyelids become heavy with the weight of a long exciting adventure. There is something about living in a place where living a healthy lifestyle is more than going to the gym; it’s wilderness, adventuring, and hunting to put some extra food on the table. Canada is an incredible place, filled with incredible adventures just waiting to be discovered.

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