29 May

What You Should Know About New Jersey House Lifting

Homeowners elevate their prefab home after Sandy's destruction.Unfortunately, mother nature has a way of destroying homes along the New Jersey shore. This means that the need for professional house lifting is becoming popular by the day. You don’t really know when it will strike, and when it does, you should always know where to look in order to find immediate help.

In times of emergencies like this, it’s quite easy to find yourself homeless. A proper plan for your house jacking needs should address a wide range of questions that you might have. For example, you may want to know where to start, who to trust, how to coordinate and many more. But it’s only a professional who has the right answers to these questions.

It’s virtually impossible for a nonprofessional to lift homes in New Jersey

You see, house lifting is a very complex process that can only be handled by people who are experienced in the construction and home remodeling industry. That’s because there are many things to consider.

First of all, the professional needs to draw a detailed scope of the work involved, they need to prepare a computer-aided design portraying the new look of the home after lifting, they need an architect plan for the lift, and may be an engineer’s report if required, a list of plus and minus cost of items needed and many more.

Now, the problem is that most companies in the construction industry can’t provide these services effectively due to lack of any one of the following:

(a) Equipment
(b) Training
(c) Manpower

Until a company can prove to possess all the three requirements above, you should not hire them. The real pros – like Rebuild New Jersey – have proved their worth time and time again for New Jersey house lifting projects in the wake of Sandy.

How much does it cost to lift a house in New Jersey?

This is not an easy task since there are many variables to consider before lifting. For example, the size of the structure, the age, location and many more, can play a role in determining how much to pay. Furthermore, the presence of a basement will even shoot the cost higher due to the nature of the work involved. A house lifting company will come to the site and prepare a rough estimate for you. Prices also vary depending on the company you choose for the job.

The integrity of the structure

Most people think that lifting compromises the integrity of the house. Well, this is a myth as far as qualified contractors are concerned. A professional will know how to gauge the weight, position the equipment, and properly jack it up and set it down on a new location. When done correctly, the integrity of the structure shouldn’t be at risk.

Can porches and additions be lifted as well?

Some companies in New Jersey will have the latest equipments, such as hydraulic jacking systems that lift off the house together with its additions in a uniform manner. So when the house is lifted, be assured that they will move the entire parts of it, including any additions it might be attached to.

Your new home

A New Jersey house lifting company should be able to address all areas concerning the setup of your new home. All this should be provided as a package. The people who lift it should be the same people who will excavate the new site in preparation for a strong foundation, they should form and pour footings, as well as handle all the concrete work involved. When all this is finished, the company should be able to make your house look the same or even better than the way it was before.

Time is a very important factor when it comes to lifting or moving your house. If the person you are hiring doesn’t show up with the required manpower, the work might take longer than expected. You should also receive a written contracts highlighting the responsibilities of each party involved in the lifting process.

And lastly, the company in question should seek your approval in every procedure they carry out. No work should be done without your consent. The reason being, some clients have always complained of companies doing things the way they didn’t want. So unless you say yes to each and every step, they should not proceed to lifting your home. This is very important when you want to move successfully, so watch out!

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