29 Apr

Videos of Hurricane Sandy Wrecking Havoc Along the Jersey Shore

Mantoloking, NJ, Hurricane Sandy destruction aerials

Hurricane Sandy completely destroyed our family’s 85 year old house that was designed and built by my grandmother, Helena Thomson, in 1927. The home was located just north of the Mantoloking bridge, NJ route 528, next to the long beige house on the bay side. Our property is now an inlet and river and under 2-3′ of water. Four generations of our family history has been washed away by a climate-change induced hurricane caused by abnormally warm waters in the South Atlantic Ocean. If you don’t believe humans cause climate change, why has 2012 been the hottest year on record, with major fires throughout the West, a severe drought in the heartland, and a very late hurricane here in the East? The indisputable fact is that CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere have been rising, and the world’s best scientists attribute that to human emissions of fossil fuels. Policy makers of both parties need to listen and act. Our family, and thousands of others on the east coast, have suffered terrible losses from this storm.

Video courtesy channel 3, Philadelphia.

Superstorm, Hurricane Sandy 2012: Superstorm Sandy Wipes Out Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Terry Moran reports from the Jersey Shore where the iconic beach town is underwater.

Hurricane Sandy Storm Footage (Union Beach, NJ)

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