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Training Runs

Make the most of your Hbc Run for Canada 10K experience! Attend the training sessions being held leading up to the big event on July 1st.

Four sessions per week are available for everyone, including two each weekend. They will be co-ordinated by experienced trainers who will help get you to the start line on Canada Day, feeling confident and excited to run 10 kilometres on a beautiful downtown course.

Session Dates: Commencing Tuesday, May 18th, until Tuesday, June 29, 2004.

      Tuesdays & Thursdays - 6:00 pm
      Saturdays & Sundays - 8:30 a.m.

Location: Laurier Street Entrance, Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Street, east of Elgin Street.

Duration: Weeknight sessions will last approximately 1 hr; Weekend sessions 90 minutes;

Note: Needs of participants and current fitness level will be assessed at the first few sessions. Training will be gauged accordingly.

Contact: Joe Du Vall, 613-591-0340 ([email protected]) or Fiona McMillin, 613-224-7305 ([email protected]) for more information.

Training Tips

1.  Always check with a doctor before you start an exercise program.

2.  Try to eat at least three hours before a run to prevent a stitch.

3.  Make sure you have had plenty of fluid to prevent dehydration through sweating etc.

4.  Running shoes are an absolute must. Look for a good fit, quality pair of running shoes (you don't have to pay high prices- try going for last years models rather than paying for the latest designer shoes). Ensure the shoes you select are designed for the purpose of running. A lot of shoes look like running shoes but the mechanics are geared to other types of sport and may not be .

5.  Safety First. If you train outdoors, don't expect drivers to look out for you! Wear reflective or light coloured clothing and always carry ID.

6.  If you are running alone try to let someone know where you're going and roughly what time you will be back.

7.  In the colder months choose several lightweight layers of clothing rather than thick garments and don't forget gloves. Always use sunblock when training outside, sunglasses come in handy for sunny days and carry some fluid with you to re-hydrate you along your run.

8.  Before any training program it is important to warm by doing a few stretching exercises. Start by running very slowly until you feel slightly sweaty. Do some gentle stretches mainly the front and backs of the legs (get a book on sport's stretching). Never overstretch or bounce.

9.  The first time you run don't plan to go too far! Try running until you feel a little out of breath then walk for a while. When you get your breath back- run again.

10.  A simple guide to running at the right pace for a beginner is the simple "talk test". If you can run and hold a reasonable conversation then you are ok- otherwise slow down.

11.  At the end of your run never stop suddenly. Cool down with a brief relaxing walk or slow jog, and then stretch again. Stretching after you run will reduce muscle tightness and increase your range of motion.

12.  Try to run at least three times a week with a rest day in between. The repeated running and adequate rest repair time brings about improvements to your performance.

13.  Don't think in terms of distance, think in terms of minutes. Never increase your running time more than 10 percent each week.

14.  Keep a running log. Record each run that you do. It is excellent for motivation. You can use a pen and notebook, computer, or whatever best suits your lifestyle.

15.  Set a goal. Make sure your goal is achievable and work towards it. Goals motivate and keep you on track. Enjoy the success of reaching your goal.

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