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On behalf of Hbc and our Canadian Athletes, we would like to thank our partners for their generous support of the 2008 Hbc Run for Canada.

The Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint, which is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary, is the company responsible for production and circulation of Canada's coins.  They are considered one of the largest and most versatile mints in the world, offering international service on a wide range of high quality products.  As a proud supporter of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, and in collaboration with the Hbc Run for Canada, the Mint has created an exclusive finisher medal for each participant.  Each person who races in the 10K, 3K walk or 1K walk will receive a medal similar to the ones that will be produced for the 2010 Winter Games.

For more information on the mint, please visit www.mint.ca

Coca-Cola Ltd.

Protecting and improving the quality of life in local communities has always been one of the integral pieces of the Coca-Cola brand.  They have always been considered one of the leaders in promoting active lifestyles and well being as they consider themselves a local business in communities all over the world. Coca-Cola is active in 200 countries providing still or sparkling drinks that refresh, hydrate, energize or nourish.   Coca-Cola is a proud supporter of the Hbc Run for Canada and the values it promotes.  All of the refreshments that our participants will require to perform their finest will be provided by Coca-Cola.


ParticipACTION is a non-profit organization, which was resurrected in 2007 after almost 30 years of success.  ParticipACTION's goal is to generate more physical activity across Canada and allow easier access for Canadians to become involved.  As the national voice for physical activity, ParticipACTION works with their partners and government organizations to create more awareness and inspire Canadians of all ages.  ParticipACTION supports the Hbc Run for Canada as it demonstrates the importance of physical activity and gives an opportunity for families to be active together.  For more information, please visit www.participACTION.com